Our mission is to provide your children with a loving, nurturing environment where they gain the skills to eventually go on to kindergarten. Our programs begin with infant care as young as six weeks old and go up to after school care through the fifth grade.



Your precious baby will thrive in our loving, nurturing, and safe environment. We will follow your specific feeding and sleeping schedule and provide parents with a daily report about nap times, meals, and diaper changes.


Our adoring staff will spend time with your child reading, playing and working on cognitive, sensory and motor skills. Weather permitting; your child will even have outside playtime in our famous baby buggies!


Prices start at $145 a week.


Classes are focused on toddlers who are beginning to walk and already on the move! The daily schedule includes playing, meals, story time, nap time, assisted arts and crafts, small group, imaginative play, and dancing. The goal is to encourage learning, social skills development and have some fun!

Prices start at $135 a week.


Your child will have fun and learn a lot in the preschool program at Sulphur Springs Christian Preschool. No two days are the same in these classes. Activities are interactive, children make friends, and learning is FUN in our classes.  Arts and crafts, meals, small groups, music, and other activities will keep your child busy all day long!

Prices start at $130 a week.


We believe education is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Every child has different needs and abilities, each learns in their own way and at their own pace. We have designed our Pre-Kindergarten classes with this philosophy in mind! We provide a full-day, comprehensive pre-kindergarten class so that your child is Texas School Ready when they head off to kindergarten.

Our four year old classes focus on problem-solving, listening, and learning. We also focus on the development of social skills and playing with others. The classes focus on following multi-step instructions, organizing work, and learning to pay attention in class. In addition, your child will begin learning to read and write – and even do math! All of these skills are taught by a week-trained, loving, caring teacher.

Prices start at $130 a week.


Sulphur Springs Christian Preschool provides a safe and engaging environment for school-age children in kindergarten through fifth grade. After school, children are fed a healthy snack and are given the opportunity to work on homework. Our center van picks up from all schools in Sulphur Springs. It is perfect for the working family! Contact us today for more information.

Prices start at $65 a week.

School-Age Summer Care

Our program is a summer-long venture lets your child learn while they have fun and spend the summer with their friends, new and old. Activities range from field trips, guest speakers, on-site activities, arts, crafts, and more.

This action-packed, but also educational summer program is all-inclusive, flexible and safe. The Sulphur Springs Christian Preschool summer program is for children who have completed kindergarten through fifth grade. 

Prices start at $130 a week.

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